Stolen Car Check

Stolen Car Check

The quickest way to check if a car is stolen is Car Check. Beware of free or cheap checking services that may not be DVLA Licensed or have full information. With Car Check you can enter any UK vehicle registration number and pay online by credit card for a full report giving you the history of any used car. 

Don't take the chance, check it out first! If you have any suspicions, notify the police immediately.It is up to you to check the vehicle you want isn't stolen. If you do end up buying a stolen vehicle you could lose all your money and also lose the vehicle.

If you buy a stolen car you could also find yourself dealing with any problems the vehicle had such as unpaid parking fines and risk police interest in your purchase.

If you are buying a car from an individual, ask them for a proof of identity with a photograph, such as a driving licence or passport, and also ask for a proof of their current address, such as a recent gas or electricity bill. If possible, take a photocopy, or at least write down the passport or driving license number. Doing this can help you prove and trace who you purchased the car from. Any unwillingness of the seller to co-operate with your request may also tell you something.

As well as checking that the car is not stolen, a car check report can also check whether the car you are interested in has been reported to an insurance company as seriously damaged, or a write off, or is still subject to finance.

A vehicle check report can also confirm the make, model, registration number, VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and owners.


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